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Photography is an art, and like any art it is a personal experience we sometimes like to share with others. Cameras allow us to freeze a moment in time and capture the environment around us, a couple embracing, an interesting building architecture, or a very tiny jumping spider. The most important aspect of photography is the joy it brings us, the camera is merely a tool, it is up to the photographer to frame the subject and capture it at an interesting moment.

When reviewing a DSLR camera, we encourage you to share with us your experience during the photo shoot, a trip to the park, or a sports event. Whether you are beginner or a highly experienced photographer we are interested in reading your comments and share it with others in the photography community. Whether you own an 10 year old DSLR, or a brand new state of the art we’d like to hear from you.


Natural lighting photography
I sometimes arrive at indoor venues where lights are dim, the ambiance is warm, people enjoying a drink and conversation, the music is soft and the mood is gentle, when all of a sudden I see the flash go off, at first it may seem the natural thing to do, use a flash in dim locations however, if you think about it, by using a flash the ambiance is not captured correctly, colors become bright.. Read more.

Is film photography back in the mainstream?
Just when you thought you had enough pixels, a full frame sensor and fast frames per second shooting, comes along a photographer who says “Film photography is the way to go”. You get a solid camera, full frame sensor (the 35mm film) and a motor drive that can shoot up to 5 fps, all for about $100, lenses are also cheap. Of course there is the film development cycle, the lack of instant gratification and cost of print, we will discuss the pros and cons and help you decide whether you should consider film photography, if not as a replacement to digital photography, at least as a second hobby, as you will see the experience of film photography is entirely different than that of its digital cousin.. Read more.

Choosing the right lens
As I was surfing the web and reading forum submissions, I stumbled across someone who was ready (and eager) to start his lens collection and needed recommendations, and what was more surprising is the responses by other forum members with recommendations to buy this lens and that lens, not a single person pointed out the obvious, that photography isn’t about collecting lenses, but apparently there are many people out there who find it a hobby to buy and collect lenses, if you are one of those people then I would encourage you to read further, this is for you.. Read more.

Which DSLR is right for you?
When buying a DSLR you must consider many factors, the most important one of course is your budget, DSLRs range from $400 for a good used one up to $4000 or more, this doesn’t include lenses and accessories.. Read more.

Tips on buying photography equipment
Getting into professional photography doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, unless you are one of those photographers who always wants the latest and greatest. The trick is to buy used equipment and fit it with good lenses. There are many award winning photographers who used equipment which is considered obsolete or old technology. Read more.