Photography is an art, and like any art it is a personal experience we sometimes like to share with others. Cameras allow us to freeze a moment in time and capture the environment around us, a couple embracing, an interesting building architecture, or a very tiny jumping spider. The most important aspect of photography is the joy it brings us. The camera is a tool and it is up to us to frame the subject, and capture it at an interesting moment at the right time.

Photo by Harald Hoyer

When reviewing a DSLR camera, we encourage you to share with us your personal experience during the photo shoot, a trip to the park, or a sports event. Whether you are beginner or a highly experienced photographer we are interested in reading your comments and share it with others in the photography community. Whether you own an 10 year old DSLR, or a brand new state of the art we’d like to hear from you. We also believe a $400 camera in the hands of a passionate and curious photographer can produce amazing photos, a $4,000 camera can produce awful photos in the hands of someone whose only interest is to buy the latest and greatest. Advanced cameras have features which are only necessary in very particular situations,  a beginner photographer will push the camera to its limits before he or she decides which one to buy next.

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