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Sports Photography
Sports photography is a very challenging and demanding field, on the photographer as well as on the camera, it requires the photographer to sometimes be in awkward positions or difficult locations... Read more.

Portrait Photography
Portrait photography is by far the most competitive field in photography, for one the location can be chosen by the photographer, the lighting, timing and environment in general are controlled by the photographer as well, the challenge is to get the subject to pose or look a certain way... Read more.

Wedding Photography
Wedding photography is one of the most challenging field of photography, for one the photographer doesn't have control over the environment, the venue, time of day and lighting, she or he must also be "invisible" and be as little as possible in the way of the wedding ceremony or reception guests, wedding planners, reception staff, etc.., all of the that the delivered photos must tell the whole story, photos must be exceptional regardless of the available lighting and what the bride and groom as wearing. A lot of homework and preparation need to be done by the photographer in order to achieve good results, a good relationship with the wedding planner is crucial to obtain the necessary information such as venue, time of day, decorative colors, bride and groom clothing, make up, hair styles.


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